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Hey Soul Sister!

Are you an aspiring or emerging soulful coach ready to take your online biz to the next level?

Are you ready to transform your passion + purpose
into real profits?

If your answer is “YES” then enroll today in

My name is Celia Ward-Wallace and I created

to help soulful women build highly profitable + fulfilling online businesses selling transformative coaching programs!

To help you...

+ LAUNCH your most soulful online business

+ ATTRACT your best clients

+ MAKE money doing what you love

I’m talking to you if...

You're deeply soulful and want to bring more of YOU into your coaching practice and your life.

You love to help others, but are struggling to make a the kind of profit that you desire.

You’re tired of watching other female coaches & consultants making money online and wondering what is wrong with your business strategy.

You want to know the exact steps to generate 5-figures a month CONSISTENTLY in your coaching business.

Good news, I am here to help you.

How will you feel when you launch & sell your first online coaching program and FINALLY start making real and consistent money?

Imagine how excited you will feel to have freedom, be able to travel, make generous gestures and realize your fullest potential!

Doesn't that sound good?

Once you know how to create a stylish stand out brand,

infuse soul and personality into your marketing, create must-have online products and launch and sell your expertise you WILL have the combination of
MONEY + MEANING you are dreaming about!

I want to show you exactly HOW to do this and how to do it

over and over again to continually get


Can I ask you a question?

Are you ready to identify your calling?

To leverage your unique genius into a profitable biz?

To have a life that nurtures your spirit AND supports you financially?

To create balance in your life between your divine calling AND financial freedom?

To build and launch a soulful online business that allows you to serve others AND become financially abundant?

To serve others deeply while also making lot’s of money?

If your answer is “HELL YES!” enroll today in

I’m including here many success stories from SFP grads who have completely transformed their limiting beliefs and are living soulfully aligned lives AND running highly-profitable and fulfilling online businesses.

If you are meant for the Super Fly Program then you will see yourself in these women and in me. We will speak to your heart and soul and be a match.

And if not, that is cool too. I want nothing more than for you to find the mentor, community and guidance that is a PERFECT fit for you!

“Before the SFP I honestly didn’t know anything about self-care. The SFP taught me how to take care of myself and take time for myself. You’re going to learn about marketing, your going to learn about business, you going to receive some tools, Celia is AMAZING! She takes so much time to really teach you step-by-step. From the time the SFP began until the time it was over, I booked 12 speaking gigs! I was actually able to quit my full-time job from the tools I learned in the Super Fly Program."

- Keisha Howard

“If you are ready for the next BIG step, ready to take MASSIVE action and ready to do the WORK the Super Fly Program is for you. As a result of my work with Celia & SFP, I sold-out my first online coaching course and earned $20,000 within a few weeks of launching. I’m grateful to Celia for helping me develop such a high magnitude of confidence in myself which allowed me to show up 100% authentically in my business.”

- Kelly Clawson Vandiver

"I encourage you to always invest in yourself it is truly the greatest investment you can ever make. The Super Fly Program will be life changing. It will cause you to dig deep. And really narrow down your niche and find what your true calling is and how to make that happen. Is there anything better than making money at what you truly love to do?”

- Shandra Warren

Will help you to:

Break through the fear, worry and doubt that haunts you and kick your mindset blocks to the curb once and for all.

Feed your SOUL and finally discover what you are truly called to do in this world with your god-given talents.

Own that small voice deep inside that KNOWS you were created for something WAY bigger and better than what you are experiencing now.

Build and launch an online business that reflects your most deeply held values and desires AND provides the support you need both spiritually + financially to THRIVE!

I first started teaching these soulful strategies to my 1:1 coaching clients, then small groups of women and now 1000’s of women online and at live events who are all obsessed with the Super Fly lifestyle and community!

We are an international community of women stepping into our power and greatness and giving others permission to do the same.

In the process we are creating our dream lives and businesses and we want you to JOIN US and become a Super Fly sister too!

The tools and techniques you need to align yourself with your divine purpose, core values and desires and global influence will start TODAY and you have a community of soul sisters waiting to welcome you to one of the most empowering and positive spaces online!

Enrollment is now open and you can

join right now for instant access!

“During the length of the SFP I signed on 3 new clients and tripled my investment and I got a speaking engagement which Celia coached me on how to make sales from the stage so I had an incredibly successful speaking event. I feel way more confident in closing my sales and my prospective client conversations are booming. You are going to feel like you get your money’s worth and then some, there is so much value! If there is any part of you that is like “should I do it?” You should just do it. You’re not going to regret it.”

- Kadidja Yansane

“If it wasn’t for the Super Fly Program, I wouldn’t have jumped in full force into full-time life coaching. Having a group of women support you, and having all the necessary mentors, and specialists, to help you move through your fear and create a life that you love, was priceless to me. It changed my life, I am now a successful coach myself and I am about to launch my own relationship program in the next couple of months, and I owe that all to the Super Fly Program."

- Amanda Morck

"The Super Fly Program helped me to take everything I know and put it into a program. I was able to simplify, clarify and to focus on creating tangible results. Celia doesn’t tell you what to do, but instead shows you HOW to do it. So if you’re a go-getter and you’re ready to take the next step, the Super Fly Program will get you there!"

- Jamie Slaughter

Just a few years ago I was working my brainless 9-5 job because of the benefits and security it provided, like most of our world caught up in the status quo :(

But I was dying inside and knew that my talents and unique genius were going to waste!

I told myself, “I was not created for this, there has to be something more!”

But I was too afraid to lose my comfort and security to take a risk on the unknown.

Can you relate to my story? Haha! I think that we all can!

Then, I really hit rock bottom when I lost a fortune in the real estate market crash and my husband, Joe, suffered a career ending injury. We faced foreclosure and bankruptcy and, as as result, I found myself lost and lonely.

And here’s the kicker...

As everything fell apart for me, my soulful intuition got MUCH louder and I began to realize that I had actually manifested the crises in my life by living out of alignment with my spiritual calling and soul purpose.

Is any of this sounding familiar?

These FAILURES were actually my blessings in disguise which led me to find spirituality and a deep sense of faith in myself and my greatness!

I embarked on a journey of deep soul-searching to re-discover who I really was, what fired my passions and how I might serve the world most effectively.

I also immersed myself in self-care practices to reconnect with my spirit and nourish my bruised self-esteem back to vibrant health and confidence.

Through my shero’s journey I learned that...

I was created to be a leader.

I was created to transform lives.

I was created to illuminate others greatness and potential.

I was created to shine so BRIGHT, be so BIG and so BOLD and so SUCCESSFUL that I would be a beacon for others women just like you and me to do the same.

Yes, I said it.

I am phenomenal. I am magnificent. I am exceptional. And so are you. It is your divine birthright.

With my purpose clear, shiny and bright, I opened my first online business and worked like a dog to “succeed.”

But before too long, I was burning out big time and quickly realized that I had traded my brainless 9-5 job for the chaos of starting a new business without a plan.

I was working and serving with all my passion, but not making enough PROFITS!

Can you relate?

So, I went to find a plan and spent a bunch of money studying with the best in online business, trying every strategy for myself and learning what was the real deal and what was BS! Finally, I systemized everything that really worked and oh yeah! - my income and global influence grew dramatically.

But there was still one problem...while my business was beginning to thrive because of my killer strategies, I had not mastered how to also practice self-care and stay connected with my “why” through spiritual practice.

I needed a plan that made sense to me!

One that was personalized and holistic. I wanted to have it all - health, wealth, great relationships and influence. There had to be a better way!

Well, that was my lightbulb moment.


I realized my personal journey taught me everything I needed to know to create a blueprint for authentic online business success to share with women like you and me who want to be BOTH soulful AND successful!

Can I get an amen my sister?

The clouds parted, the sun blazed through and my truest and most divine calling was revealed...drum roll…to lead soulful women to uncover their purpose, identify their core values and create a soulfully aligned online business and life!

NOW I packaged it all for you in

In the Super Fly Program you get me as your personal guide, your wing-woman, your business bestie and your soul sister all in one loving package, if you will have me!












“This program will give you the shifts to move past your fears and move past your limiting beliefs. I attracted 3 wonderful clients, a bunch of new speaking engagements and I was able to start living that I knew I deserved. Not only did I grow personally and professionally as a coach, but I created sisters who will be life-long friends, life-long sisters. Celia is a wonderful coach that is soulful, she follows her passion, she follows her intuition. This course is life giving and you will love every single minute of it!”

- Tamika Michelle

“This is not your average business program, she truly incorporated soulful business strategies, along with looking at you as a whole person, not just as an entrepreneur. She really helps you get a grasp on what it takes to take care of yourself in order to build the amazing empire that you are seeking to build. Celia truly over-delivers. This is really truly the only program you will ever need, because she covers so many of the bases, this is the perfect program for all of you.”

- Dawn Gibson

"Before the program I didn’t know who I wanted to serve, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and then this program came along and somehow all of the pieces of the puzzle somehow worked so well together. It helped me work out my skills in confidence, in strategy, and marketing This IS the program you want to be in if you want your life, your career, your business, your entire self-discovery process to happen, you need to sign up for the Super Fly Program.”

- Yulian Navarro

The Super Fly Soulful Business Program leverages my years of research and experience to help soulful entrepreneurs uncover their divine purpose and teach them to LAUNCH their soulful online business, attract their BEST CLIENTS and finally make a BIG PROFIT!

We cover it ALL

Plan, Align, Launch, Attract, Serve, Monetize!

Everything we do together will not only bring you more sales, but we’ll do it in a way that creates MASSIVE INFLUENCE in your market, and allows you to do MORE of what you love doing (inspiring massive action, facilitating extraordinary transformation and creating phenomenal results) and less of what you don’t!


Release you from the limiting insecurity, fear and scarcity mindset that holds you back so that you can be confident, peaceful and abundant.

Uncover your divine purpose, who you were created to serve and how to create a dream life and business aligned with your deepest desires and core values.

Give you a step-by-step blueprint to establish, develop and grow your online soulful business to achieve both your spiritual AND financial goals.

Give you the details of HOW to do it and not just WHAT to do.

Provide a vibrant, positive and diverse community of like-minded women who will support and encourage you on your journey to authentic and long-lasting success.

Offer a soulful approach to creating and growing your online business to help you gain confidence, faith in yourself and the tools you need to make yourself a priority.

Teach you exactly how to LAUNCH your online soul-centered business, ATTRACT your best clients and make the PROFIT that, until now, has only been a dream.

“Celia will call out the best in you, the divine nature and calling in you that you did not even dare to believe in. You suspected it was there, but you weren’t quite sure, she has this gift for seeing you and rising you up to what your potential is. I’ve seen a lot of stuff out there and I was continually week by week blown away with how much she had pulled together into such a neat, concise package for us.”

- Mariah Jean

“If you’re that woman that is ready to go to higher levels in your life, in your business, in your income, look no further. She’s your girl! She will help you get there."

- Leovinica Bradley

My mission is to empower women to create their dream life + business aligned with their core values and deepest desires.

Is that what you want?

So here’s the real deal: my approach is proven. I have worked with thousands of clients who have built soulful businesses, creating massive impact AND tremendous profit. Because this program works, I’ve been blessed with the most loyal and raving clients AND you can find their testimonials all over the place!

Through my experience, I’ve learned that the key to success is having a foundation of spirit that actively incorporates harmony, flow and ease so that your business doesn’t drain your energy but actually replenishes it.

A business based in spiritual alignment is also focused, streamlined and sustainable.

Now why is that important?

Because when you do what you love and get paid well for it, you are able to develop a long lasting career. Knowing your personal holistic values and grounding yourself and your business in self-care and soulful practices is integral to long-term success and profits.

All of my experience and every proven strategy that I have up my sleeve

is now included in the Super Fly Soulful Business Program!

If you go crazy for valuable content, hold on! I’m about to blow your mind!

highlights the intersection and duality of:







I know you want in and if you’re ready to join let’s do this thing!

“If you’re ready to take action, this is the step that you need to do, she keeps you on track, she has very structured strategies, from week to week which keeps you very, very busy. So, don’t start it if you are not ready to work, because she is all about action, she’s all about working and she’s all about taking you to the next level if that is what you are truly trying to do.”

- Twanna Campbell

“If you are a new coach or business owner or just launched or have been doing business forever and you are ready to STEP UP, you’re ready to transform more lives and you’re ready to make your business bigger and better, this program is for you. If there’s this little inkling inside of you and your thinking,"I don't know, should I take it, should I take it? I don't know if I should invest the money.' TAKE THE STEP and take the SFP."

- Kristin Holtzendorff

Here’s what you get when you join

+ Weekly emails with a link to the assignments

+ Online membership access to all the assignments

+ All assignments explained with videos and examples

+ Worksheets with every assignment

+ Weekly Group Mentoring Video Calls

+ Proven Templates + My Personal Swipe Files

+ Private Members Community for Support and Encouragement

+ Lifetime Access to the Super Fly Program

How does the program work?

A few days before the program starts you get an email with detailed instruction.

Every Monday at 9am EST you will receive an email into your inbox with instructions and a link to the assignments in the membership site.

Discussions about the assignments take place in a private Facebook group and on the weekly group mentoring calls.

You can work on the assignments whenever you want, the program is self-paced. You can participate again and again with Lifetime Access to the Super Fly Program.

So what do you think...are you ready to soar in

“If you feel like you have ever lost yourself, Celia helps you to get your swag back, to get YOU back. And she has a whole team of experts that help you in every single way to be great. The SFP is for phenomenal women who are walking into their purpose and for women who desire more strategies, tips, inspiration, creativity, deeper knowledge and understanding of who they are and their divine purpose. Celia Ward-Wallace will give you everything you need to set you up for success."

- Jonell Allen

“I’ve never seen a coach in a group course, give so much hands on one-on-one coaching, this if honestly hands down the best program out there is you are looking to create an online business. Celia gives you everything from A-Z to start your business, from how to set up Facebook ads, how to blog, how to do your website, how to talk to your client, how to find your client. If you are looking to start an online business, don’t waste your time looking for other courses, this course is so amazing!"

- Julia Slike


Tactics and techniques for incorporating self-care and soulful practices into your life and business.

Identify + transform your limiting beliefs.

Develop alignment + intuition practices.

Create your sacred space.

Design your morning + evening rituals.

Learn to prioritize self-care.

Tangible outcome: Unshakeable Confidence!


Dig deep to identify your divine purpose and calling.

Clarify your unique genius.

Determine your business model.

Understand your soul contract.

Tangible outcome: Clarity of Purpose!


Identify your unique niche and those you were created to serve.

Learn to identify, attract + communicate with your Soul Client.

Identify your core values + your vision statement.

Choose your supreme niche.

Tangible outcome: Alignment to your ideal client!


Prepare to rise into new feminine leadership.

Identify your core stories.

Heal your trauma.

Own your “it” factor.

Learn how to lead and where you can shine.

Tangible outcome: Clear presence and authentic recognition!


Create a master overview of all of your expertise and all the ways to monetize it.

Identify your signature platform.

Create a monetization plan to repurpose content into course, products, keynote speaking, books + life events.

Step-by-step tutorials on all components of an online course.

Create your online product outline.

Tangible outcome: Your Product Monetization Plan!


Learn which content to create and how to share it with your audience.

Learn the art of storytelling.

Implement a quick and easy format for writing blogs.

Access to my launch emails + blog post swipe file.

Understand search engine optimization and write your blogs.

Create an irresistible “freebie” lead magnet.

Tangible outcome: Your detailed Communication Plan!


Elevate your impact by increasing your reach and name recognition.

Learn to create a highly-engaged online and in-person community.

Activate your influential social media presence.

Understand how to book more interviews.

The do’s and dont’s of guest blogging.

Tangible outcome: Increased brand recognition and awareness!


Learn the key elements of launching on your terms.

Learn the different types of launches + figure out which one is for you.

Create a personalized launch calendar.

Identify your pre-launch strategy and content.

Tangible outcome: Your Personalized Launch Plan A-Z!

is PACKED with value!

Access to 8 HIGH CONTENT Modules - $2,500 Value

Weekly LIVE Q & A Calls with ME personally - $2,500 Value

Private Member’s Community for one year - $1,500 Value

Lifetime Access to the Super Fly Program - PRICELESS :)

When you register today for

you will receive...


BONUS #1: Easy Peasy Wordpress Website eCourse

Create a memorable and personal brand that will stand out.

  • Step-by-step tutorials to create your wordpress website.
  • Craft an engaging and money making about page.
  • Create your own style file with signature fonts, colors and images.
  • Identify your personal style type.
  • Gain tools to shoot professional videos + pictures.

BONUS #2: Highly Converting Facebook Ads eCourse

A-Z training to optimize my #1 advertising tool!

  • Step-by-step tutorials to leverage facebook ads to grow your business
  • Like Campaigns
  • Promoted Posts
  • Traditional Ads
  • Conversion Tracking Pixels
  • Custom Audiences
  • Integration with Leadpages

BONUS #3: Authentic Selling 101 eCourse

Perfect your sale process A-Z.

  • Perfect your sales process from A-Z
  • Gain confidence in sales consults.
  • Learn the must-have steps to prepare you prospect for the sale.
  • Access to Celia’s personalized sales script

BONUS #4: 10 Master Classes with Super Fly Experts

Female leaders paving the way in their area of expertise!

  • Self-care
  • Confidence
  • Spirituality
  • Branding
  • Websites
  • Business systems
  • Course creation and MORE!


Access to 12 Team Super Fly Experts

If you feel both excited + nervous that is a sign to take the leap of faith!

“She has been an amazing support to me, and has really told me like it is. So when she doesn’t like something that I’ve done, she say’s try harder or do it differently or think about it this way and that support and guidance and ongoing coaching has really transformed the way I think, and ultimately will transform my business.”

- Emily Spicer Stuart

The Super Fly Program IS for you if:

You’re ready to let your soul shine BRIGHT and make soul care (self-care + spirituality) a priority in your life.

You’re ready to discover your God-given PURPOSE, identify your CORE VALUES and create a SOULFULLY ALIGNED ONLINE BUSINESS.

You’re driven to LAUNCH your online business, ATTRACT your best clients and make the PROFIT you deserve!

You will commit 100% to the process and see it through to completion.

You want to combine MONEY + MEANING.

You are ready to dump your Inner Critic and instead rely on your Inner Guide.

You will make this work a priority and are prepared to take MASSIVE ACTION.

You love the words “God,” “Spirit,” “Soul,” “Divine Purpose” and “Feminine Power.”

You are an aspiring or emerging coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, author, teacher, healer or practitioner.

The Super Fly Program IS NOT for you if:

x You are looking for another program that you can put on the shelf and do later.

x You are focused on achievement and wealth above everything else.

x You will allow fear, worry, doubt and insecurity to prevent you from realizing your dreams.

x You are not ready to dedicate the time, work and energy that is required to realize your fullest potential.

x You cringe when you hear words like “God,” “Spirit,” “Soul,” “Divine Purpose” and “Feminine Power.”

x You don’t want to create an online business based in your unique knowledge and experience.

    Q: Is this a DIY or Group program?

    The Super Fly Program is a self-paced group mentoring program. It combines individual, self-paced assignments with live, weekly group mentoring calls as well as live, daily interaction with fellow SFP students and me in the private Facebook group.

    Q: Are all of the modules released at the same time or weekly?

    The modules are released weekly. This is important because the Super Fly Program is a very robust Masters-level business course. There are many teachings and it is necessary that they are implemented in order to ensure a solid foundation. The SFP is designed to be valuable no matter where you are on your business journey, so while you may believe you already have your foundation in place, our exercises will challenge that and offer a new and meaningful perspective to help you refine your business model and make it a profitable one.

    Q: What if I don't have time?

    This program is intense and effective. If you put the time in your will see the results. If you are not ready to invest at least 4 hours a week into the program, then the SFP is not for you.

    Q: What are the distinguishing factors of the Super Fly Program?

    A: THERE ARE SO MANY! But these are three main distinguishing factors:

    #1. My Personal Engagement and Support:
    You may have figured out already that I am different. Not bad different but good different :)
    Unlike many other coaching programs I am VERY involved in every aspect of the SFP. I know personally each and every one of the ladies enrolled and they know me. I am active in the SFP private member’s community every day and provide tremendous support and guidance on the group calls. My mentorship and support level is literally unparalleled in a group coaching program.

    #2. The Diversity and Connection of the Community:

    Interesting fact about me: My parents have been civil rights organizers for 40 years. So I was raised in a multicultural environment and have a multicultural family as well and, as a result, I have attracted an international and diverse community of women. While these women are very different, they are also very much the same in that they are spiritual, engaged, positive and ambitious. If you watch the video testimonials you will see, the SFP community is diverse in a way you won’t find anywhere else!

    #3. My Soulful Business Approach:
    This program is about the intersection between spirituality and business. We use words like “God,” “Spirit,” “Soul,” “Divine Purpose” and “Feminine Power.” It is about reclaiming your wholeness in conjunction with your individual divine calling. Self-care, spirituality and soulful practices are interwoven with practical business strategies for a perfectly holistic approach to a profitable business. Can I get an amen? If you are with me, then this program is for you. So let’s make it happen! If this puts you off, then this program is not for you! Which is totally cool too and I am rooting for you either way!

    Q: What if I already have a business?

    The SFP will be super VALUABLE for you whether you are a newbie to business or a veteran. Many SFP students already have businesses and use the teachings to further refine and exponentially monetize their business.

    Q: Is there a refund policy?

    My goal is to support you in realizing your full potential. If you feel that the Super Fly Program is not a fit for you, we will refund 100% of your money.
    In order to be eligible for a refund, you must complete all of the homework assignments for the first 30 days of the program.

"Celia Ward-Wallace’s voice is a gift to the world. She shares powerful success strategies she learned from the University of Hard Knocks. Celia reminds all women that they already have everything they need to live a life of contribution. Celia believes now is the time to focus on loving themselves, uniting with each other, following their dreams, being of service and connecting to their higher power."



"Celia Ward-Wallace offers us an invitation to move from lack of self-love into a revolution in consciousness: loving ourselves for who we are by realizing our innate wholeness, beauty, wisdom, creativity and lovability."



“Celia also showed us from point A-Z how to create your funnel, create your marketing, and how to determine your ideal client. I previously worked with a coach who timed everything, and little information was give and held back. With Celia it was the complete opposite, and found myself being so floored with how giving she was of herself. Not one time during the program did I feel she wasn’t in it so that ALL of us could be winners.”

- Lisa Guice


Sign up for

What is the Refund Policy?

My goal is to support you in realizing your full potential. If you feel that the Super Fly Program is not a fit for you, we will refund 100% of your money.

In order to be eligible for a refund, you must complete all of the homework assignments for the first 30 days of the program.

The Super Fly Program is for highly motivated and serious students who will take action. If you complete all of the assigned work for the first 30 days and then feel it was not valuable, we will happily refund your money.

What Are The Program Dates?

October 12th - December 11th

The weekly group mentoring calls are on Thursday’s alternating 10am - 12pm PST and 4pm - 6pm PST.

***All of the calls are recorded and accessible for you at anytime in the membership site.


What's Included

8 Content Packed Modules

8 Weekly Group Calls

Private Members Community

Lifetime Access to Content


What's Included

8 Content Packed Modules

8 Weekly Group Calls

Private Members Community

Lifetime Access to Content

Four 1:1 (30 Minutes) Sessions with Celia